Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello are you out there?

Hello? Can you here me?
I mean seriously nobody posts and nobody does my poles , so how am I supposed to know if you even come on and read!
Like are my topics stupid?
Do I write too much?
I feel like I am talking to myself!

Anyway, do you like the colors? They are for Halloween. I didn't know if I would be on tomorrow ( the first of october ) so I changed them today!

The hunger games... it looked good so.... I'll try to get them. I am in desparate need of a good book.
Midnighters #2, I am going to read that book tomorrow. I am borrowing it from my friend. We have a bet if I don't finish it by Wednesday then I can't read the 3rd one untill Friday.
So I'll post with the results of this bet.

Lucius Malfoy won, he beat Dolores Umbridge! YES!! I didn't want either of them to win but since 1 had to I wanted him to win!

So yeah... I really wanted to go to barnes and Noble but hey! I couldn't. *A REALLY BIG SIGH*

Maybe you'll take into cosideration what I said and post. Now I am not saying EVERY DAY, because I know what it is like to be really busy. Pfft, I am the QUEEN of being busy. But at least post once of twice a week? I mean really if people can post on the Maximum Ride blog then they can post on mine. And let's face it it's not really fang and all them posting IT'S JAMES PATTERSON! So if he can get posts then I can! I mean I am a really popular writter too!? And if it's because I have no fans then... well .... THAT STINKS!

P.S. I am truly sorry if my grammer and spelling is pitiful... spellcheck is not working.


Hyme said...

JENA... IM TELLING YOU VERY STRONGLY... READ THE HUNGER GAMES!!! And you thought gone was good... my summary sucks, just read the book