Friday, February 27, 2009

A SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So last night Annie was a wonderful success!! I did amazing!!!! Or so they say. Which I absolutely believe them!!! One night down 3 to go!!!

Aw Gee! What is up with this? I don't have anything to say usually I am SO talkative! And now I have nothing NOTHING to say!!!

Question of the day: Do I Talk to much?? Do I write to much??


Monday, February 23, 2009

Maximum Ride. It means EVERYTHING to me.

Soorry I haven't been on in a WHILE because I had rehearsal from 10:30 am t0 4:30 pm on Saturday, dance rehearsal from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm on Sunday, dress rehearsal from 6:15 pm to 9:00 pm on Monday, and dress rehearsal from 4:30 to 9:30 yesterday (Tuesday). I have dress rehearsal tonight also (4:45 pm to 9:45pm). The shows start tomorrow!!!! TOMORROW!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!
SOORRY I was having a nervous breakdown/meltdown/hyper alert.
Any way, do you like my new pic its of Fang (my HERO)!!!! I WANT THAT BOOK SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So on the topic of Maximum Ride, I am going to put in my input on the books. First the order that I like them:

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Maximum Ride: Saving the World and other Extreme Sports

Maximum Ride: Schools out Forever

Maximum Ride: The Final Warning

Now I want to explain what I think all these books have in common and what I like and dislike about them. They all are very, Very, VERY funny (that is what they have in common)

Likes: MR1 - Lots of adventure, on the run, NYC (love ittt), Ella Martinez part!!,HILARIOUS!!!

MR2 - Disney world, Ari with the little kid calling him a wolverine, max and that super speed thingy, the new max asking to fix nudges hair, and asking to make breakfast!!!!, HILARIOUS!!!

MR3 - OMG, Max and Fang Kissing!!!!, Ari saving their BUTTS, Europe, Max saying I LOOOOOOVE you Fang (hilarious), whole fight with Omega dude, the part where they reunite!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!

MR4 - OMG, Max and Fang Kissing!!!!, Total getting wings, the uber director giving them bird seed!!!!!!!!!!!

Dislikes: MR1 - Nudge tyring to find her parents, Celeste, can't really think of anything else.....

MR2 - Fang kissing red head wonder(lol), Max kissing mike(is that his name?), them going to a real school, Annie, Jeb, max cutting herself at the beach

MR3 - SPLITTING UP :( :( , Jeb doing the voice thingy, California beach scene with Iggy (disgusting),

MR4 - THE WHOLE BOOK!!!!! and Brigid....

I NEED Maximum Ride 5,


P.S. Question of the Day: What do you like/dislike about the books?

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So today is the 1 week marker until my Annie production takes flight!!! HA HA little Maximum ride humor! I want that book SO bad....
Any who, life is cul thanks 4 asking. How's everybody Else's life???
Jo bro movie comes out soon!!! Yikes! That could either go uphill or downhill. What do you think? I think it is going to go downhill. SOORRY Jonas Brothers! I am a HUGE fan and all, but seriously it's a movie about singers' life it doesn't even have a REAL story line! NO ACTION NO NOTHING!!! Just like documentary!!
UGH!!! School is not going well!!! All A's!! Math is just UGHH!!!! We are learning area formulas!!! I already learned this stuff like 2 months ago!!!! So boring and So easy!!! What are you learning in math and do YOU like it???
Question of the Day: All the questions I asked in this post; How's your life going, Will the Jonas Brothers Movie go up or downhill, and What are you learning in math and do you like it. Please comment with your answers!

Having a BLAST preparing 4 Annie,
JV, and
Take your pick.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MAX 5!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

I am very Ticited (if you can't tell from that little blurb).
I am waiting in AGONY!!! This is torture!!!! I want to get this book SO bad when I get it I am NOT going to put it DOWN!!!!
Question of the Day: Are you excited for MAX: the 5th Maximumride book?

Waiting not to patiently,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life ..... STINKS!!!

I mean REALLY!!!! People have lots of dreams in life and they don't come true because 1 they are not RICH or 2 their families did not bestow them the great power of accomplishment and over achievement. So mainly those people who say Your dreams will come true if you really work hard, they really mean You better fall into a pit of money if you want to make your dreams come true. That is not the case in some instances. In some instances you could achieve your dreams if you work hard if your dream is getting an A on a math test or making a goal in your soccer game or cutting your first board in karate, even if your goal is to go to college.
The reason why I am saying this is because I have dreams, and sometimes I wonder Will they ever come true?? Also is it possible for me to follow my dreams without being insanely rich?? I'm not poor but seriously..... Then people say there's always American Idol, or Americas Got Talent, Last Comic standing, The Apprentice, or So You Think You Can Dance. Seriously people what are the chances of actually making it????
Then people say don't worry things will come around, but what if things don't come around??? Instead of running towards our dreams like a little kid and a ice cream truck we should stop right in front of them and build ourselves up to them.
Who ever is reading this let this be a turning point for your dreams, instead of only doing the things that are going to help your dreams embrace everything, all of it, even the boring stuff like math or science. Don't look at it and say will I ever need this in my life? Look at it and say This is something different I think I will accept it.
We have Freedom (well some of us do) so lets use it! Let us use our freedom to accept life to it's fullest. Instead of saying Aww Man, math class YUCK! Say math class okay, I'll work with it.
I know I am a whiner, but I am going to try and embrace life to it's fullest! I think we all should try! At least try and if it doesn't work out then oh well, work on a new method of life, but I am going to accept this challenge.

Ready to take on the world,
P.S. Happy Valentines Day!! I know I am early but SO WHAT!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I am SOORRY!!! I haven't been on in a while cause I have been MAJORLY busy!!!!
I have been trying my hardest to find stuff on Maximum Ride # 5. No luck!
They have stuff on every other book in the world, but NO they can't have something on MAX!!!!!
Did any of you watch the Grammy's?????? OMG!!!! Don't get me started on that!! Too bad I already did now you have to listen to me whine some more!! OH WELL!! So any who, Miley Cyrus (UGH!!), and Taylor Swift (YAY) sang together!!!! YAAAA YOU HEARD ME RIGHT!!! THEY SANG TOGETHER!!!! They sang one of Taylor's songs (they sang Fifteen). AND GAWD DID THEY SOUND BAAAAAAAADDDDDD!!!!!! I mean first Taylor was so shy and nervous that she went way to fast and was mumbling, and second Miley was really screechy and way TOO slow!!!! At the end of the song Miley goes "I really enjoyed singing with my Best Friend Taylor!". OMG!! They should've started the I HATE THE JONAS BROTHERS CLUB right there!!! Add Selena Gomez and you've got a PART - AYYYYYY!!!!! LOL
I think Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus are very.....talented artists they just had a REALLY BAD NIGHT!!! (I kinda paused after very cause I didn't know what to say bout Miley cause (no offense people who like her) I just don't really like her.
Annnnnnd Now....
The Question of the Day: What is your idea of RANDOM!!!!!??? My Idea of RANDOM is being TOTALLY WEIRD and nor caring if people are looking at you or something like that. I LOVE BEING RANDOM!!! LAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Stay Random,
P.S. Soorry means so sorry! That is just one of the many SWEET words that I make up while I am sitting Math class waiting for it to end!!!!! Also the background is for Valentines Day!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For all you Evernight fans like myself

Guess What?
Claudia Gray is writing a new Evernight book. It's called Stargazer. I am SO ticited (excited)! It comes out on March 24, 2009. THIS IS HUGE!!!!!
This is SO weird! Not Stargazer coming out, the date when it comes out. All these books are coming out in March!!! Maximum Ride (water wings/MAX) comes out in March, and so does Stargazer. I guess that's not that bad.... but The new Clique book comes out in a couple days February 10 ..... I think......
Oh Yaaaaaa(yeahs)!!!!
I MIGHT be going to see Push on Friday!!!
I have changed my thoughts on Dakota Fanning I think she would make a Fairly Acceptable Jane (aka A Great Jane). Well except the HAIR. Don't get me wrong its not that I don't like her hair, cause in Push it is WICKED, but in New Moon it should be Brown Red Blackish. Don't Cha think?

Question of the day: What was a really good book you read when you were a kid? Mine was when I was in first grade (this is how high of a reading level I am on) and I read Amber Brown is Not a Crayon or something like that, but when I was in First grade I was reading third grade level books! CRAZYYYYY!!!

Bye bye bye,

Monday, February 2, 2009



Ohhhh YEAH!!!!! GO STEELERS!!!! Now the Steelers are THE only team in NFL history to win SIX Superbowls!!!

Right now I am missing my b ball game to go to Annie rehearsal. So GL (Good Luck) Guys!!! Bring home a Win!!!!

Question of the Day: Other than the Cullens (Carlise, Esme, Edward, Bella, Rose, Em, Alice and Jasper. Not including Rennesme as a Vampire cause shes Half and Half.) which Breaking Dawn Vampire is your FAVORITE? I have 3 Zafrina, Kate, and Benjamin.