Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello are you out there?

Hello? Can you here me?
I mean seriously nobody posts and nobody does my poles , so how am I supposed to know if you even come on and read!
Like are my topics stupid?
Do I write too much?
I feel like I am talking to myself!

Anyway, do you like the colors? They are for Halloween. I didn't know if I would be on tomorrow ( the first of october ) so I changed them today!

The hunger games... it looked good so.... I'll try to get them. I am in desparate need of a good book.
Midnighters #2, I am going to read that book tomorrow. I am borrowing it from my friend. We have a bet if I don't finish it by Wednesday then I can't read the 3rd one untill Friday.
So I'll post with the results of this bet.

Lucius Malfoy won, he beat Dolores Umbridge! YES!! I didn't want either of them to win but since 1 had to I wanted him to win!

So yeah... I really wanted to go to barnes and Noble but hey! I couldn't. *A REALLY BIG SIGH*

Maybe you'll take into cosideration what I said and post. Now I am not saying EVERY DAY, because I know what it is like to be really busy. Pfft, I am the QUEEN of being busy. But at least post once of twice a week? I mean really if people can post on the Maximum Ride blog then they can post on mine. And let's face it it's not really fang and all them posting IT'S JAMES PATTERSON! So if he can get posts then I can! I mean I am a really popular writter too!? And if it's because I have no fans then... well .... THAT STINKS!

P.S. I am truly sorry if my grammer and spelling is pitiful... spellcheck is not working.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Picture Day Part 2.

So today as you might know if you would have read my blog was my picture day. It was okay. Well at least I thought it was okay. Maybe some other people didn't think.
I wore an AH - AMAZING outfit. The shirt was my favorite yellow which you should have known if you would have read my blog again.

So they are having a Minister election on Muggle Net. The candidates are:

The Wizocrats
The Hogicans
The candidates for the Wizocrats are:
Dolores Umbridge
Lucius Malfoy
Harmonie Granger
The candidates for the Hogicans are:
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Horace Slughorn
Minerva McGonagall
Molly Weasley
Each candidate has there own twitter check it out!
Here is the voting schedule:
September 23rd: Harry Potter vs Hermione Granger
( Hermione won Harry was eliminated)
September 25th: Lucius Malfoy vs Dolores Umbridge
September 30th: Molly Weasley vs Horace Slughorn
October 2nd: Kingsley Shacklebolt vs Minerva McGonagall
October 7th: Wizocrats Finals
October 14th: Hogicans Finals
November 4th: Election Day
You can vote at Muggle Net, also read profiles and candidates political views.
Good Luck to the candidates and I hope to see to well chosen candidates on Election Day!
Good Luck to All,
P.S. Please comment with who you think will be chosen from the 2 parties for election day, or your favorite candidate!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Picture Day.

Wednesday is Picture Day at my school. Ugh! I absolutely posidutely hate picture day! I hate getting the picture taken, probably because mine always ends up horrible . Every body always says something nice.

Like this:

Your Parents say " You look GREAT! I Can't wait to see your picture. "
Your Older Sister / Brother says " Gosh you look SO Amazing... NOT! Can't wait to see your picture FREAK! "
Your Younger Sister / Brother say " Cool Dude! " Not really supportive.
And your teachers always say " You Look wonderful! " when really you look horrible!
Your friends all say the same thing " Awww you look SO Cute! " but really in their minds they are saying " Oh MY GOSH where did SHE get that outfit, I mean really it looks like something my grandma would wear! Oh well at least I look cute! "
And then the picture guy says " Oh honey you look WON - DAR - FALL! Let me just fix one thing. " and then he ( or she ) messes you up even MORE!
Then here it comes the worst part!
" Now SMILE! " then you make this cheesy smile because you already look bad so why not make it worse?
So all in all it turns out to be a bad day!

Dreading Wednesday,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hey, I'm in hiding how's the world?

I am under neath a HUGE pile of utterly boring life...

To Explain.....

But I do have Questions.....
Here's numero 1 ( don't know how to type 1 in espanol. )
Q : Which Midnighter are you most like, without the powers, just themselves. Yes you can be like 2.
MA: First let me tell you who I am NOT, I am MOST definitely NOT like Jess. I do fit in anywhere not just in small schools ( or so I think ).
Now I have a little bit of me in the rest of them:
Rex: leaderly, but I am not one of those people who always want to be right.
Jonathan: Breaking the rules ( sometimes, and sometimes I am an Angel ) from time to time.
Dess: Say complex things to people who do not know what I am saying just to confuse them ( SO Fun! )
Melissa: Yes just because I do not like her power does not mean I am not like her. I go every where with my I Pod. IT IS MY LIFE!
Random Question:
P.S. Please comment with your answers! Oh yeah, so glad that my bestest cousin ever read GONE My most favorist BOOK EVER! TIMES 10!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Pod : )

So here is a story about my I Pod.

Once Upon A Time,

For My Birthday ( August 2nd ) I got an I Pod Nano ( new version ), Put all My Favorite Songs, artists, etc. Then a couple days later my I Pod went wacky! Like it would not play any of my songs! You would click on a song, it would pause like it does right before the song starts playing and go to the screen that comes up when you play a song but then the I Pod would not play the song it would just go to the menu! We tried everything but we could not fix it! So we were going to take it back to the store and either get it fixed or get a new one. So my Mom could not find the receipt so we were just going to get a new one. So we hadn't got the new one yet so I was starting to get really sad : ( Then today, we were trying to fix it ( My Dad and Me ) and then all of the sudden my Dad does something and BAM! It's fixed! I was ( I am ) SO HAPPY!

The End.

P.S. This is a picture of my I Pod.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Think PINK : )

So I decided on the pink and black back ground. Cause you know Pink is Awesome!

Now most of you know that I am a Jonas Brothers Fan! But you will never believe this! Me and my 2 Friends got the teacher to let my one friend bring in her I pod speakers and my other friend to bring in her I pod that is filled with Jonas Brothers songs because My Teacher has never heard of them!! Isn't that so cool! I think so!

If you didn't know The Jonas Brothers have an AWESOMELY AWESOME website check it out, Here.

Kevin looks HILARIOUS in this picture!


Anyway, there is nothing good on MuggleNet or on Stephenie Meyers website! No fair!
And I have a stupid volleyball game tonight! That's four in a row!
I had one on Friday...
One on Saturday...
One on Sunday...
And one Today!


Buh - Bye!,

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Post.

I didn't know what to call this post so I just called it post ( or A Post Whatevs ).

I could not find my Poll so I made a new one.

I have decided that my new layout is kinda dark and gloomy, so I am changing it. I love the colors but they are just too dark!

Guess what Rupert Grint is going to be a movie called Wild Target.

Also on MuggleNet there is an interview about all the love scenes with the trio.

I just wanted to know who is your fav Jo Bro? Kevin? Joe? Nick?

I love Nick !
All MY friends Love, LOVE, LUV Nick! ( except 4 1, for some reason she loves Kevin!? )

Nothing else to say,

Friday, September 5, 2008

I am not depressed anymore : )

I am not depressed anymore


  1. My most Awesomest cousin Jamie gave me a great big BEAR hug! THANKS HYME!

  2. A lot of kids have it worse than me!

Like in this book I read yesterday: The Body Of Christopher Creed.. A Great book.

This kid Torey ( his real name is victor ) is like a really deep thinker, kinda like me but worse, and this girl Ali her Mom Like, made out with like every single kids Dad except for Torey's.

Definitely a MUST Read!

I have a question,

How do you write to Seth, you know Stephenie's brother who manages her website he talks about how people have written to him and I just wanted to know how they do that?

Okay so that was my Question. Please somebody answer it.

On MuggleNet there are the French calender pictures, Dumbledore looks very FREAKIE in these pictures, there also is a picture of Draco holding a bird( HA HA HA HA HA ! ) Yeah... Let's Just say that both the American and French calenders don't really have that great of pictures.

I almost for got they also have a new picture of Harry, Ginny, and Ron, it is kinda funny cause Ron is like holding this platter of food while he is sitting on the couch and I really don't know why, like I know he likes to eat... A LOT but ...


Oh yeah, I don't really know what happened but My poll kinda Just disappeared so if yo find it tell it to come back. ( little Joke there ) No really I don't know what happened so if anybody can...





Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am in a very bad mood.

Well lets say that today really sucks!


  1. It Just SUCKS!
  2. I have a STINKING Volleyball game
  3. Because of STUPID Volleyball game I have to miss BONES my Favorite TV show ( Tonight is the Season Premiere )
  4. Nothing to do
  5. I have NOTHING to read. I haven't been to a bookstore in, like,weeks
  6. The Twilight Movie is taking 4 EVER to come out ( I can't wait, like, 2 months. Too long )

But those are JUST my Troubles ( NOBODY cares about MY troubles ) Lets here about yours!



P.S. Like the new Layout? If you don't, Not MY Problem!