Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So yeah been busy with all that junk... I went to go see a musical called Little Shop of Horrors... and let me tell you it was a Little Shop of Horrors! I was scared! I was like hiding behind my program and when my friend went to grab my hand I screamed... soooooo yeah thats my scare for the year... :P I have been sick for the past... wait let me count.... 6 days and it has not been pretty!!! I might not be on for quite a while so.... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! I am going to a Halloween party!!! Its a Glee Halloween Party!! I get to be Rachel!!! My acting buddies and me are doing all the characters... SOOOOOO excited!!!!! Ummm for Christmas I want an I pod Touch... You can put everything on there..... Music Books Games Internet Aps... Its freakin sweet!!!!! So yeah auditions for Alice are coming up.... EXCITED!!!!!!!

Eat lots of freakin Candy :D - Jena xoxoxo