Monday, September 22, 2008

Picture Day.

Wednesday is Picture Day at my school. Ugh! I absolutely posidutely hate picture day! I hate getting the picture taken, probably because mine always ends up horrible . Every body always says something nice.

Like this:

Your Parents say " You look GREAT! I Can't wait to see your picture. "
Your Older Sister / Brother says " Gosh you look SO Amazing... NOT! Can't wait to see your picture FREAK! "
Your Younger Sister / Brother say " Cool Dude! " Not really supportive.
And your teachers always say " You Look wonderful! " when really you look horrible!
Your friends all say the same thing " Awww you look SO Cute! " but really in their minds they are saying " Oh MY GOSH where did SHE get that outfit, I mean really it looks like something my grandma would wear! Oh well at least I look cute! "
And then the picture guy says " Oh honey you look WON - DAR - FALL! Let me just fix one thing. " and then he ( or she ) messes you up even MORE!
Then here it comes the worst part!
" Now SMILE! " then you make this cheesy smile because you already look bad so why not make it worse?
So all in all it turns out to be a bad day!

Dreading Wednesday,


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, except for the part about looking like a grandma cuz i wore a dress covered in skulls..