Monday, October 6, 2008

Some News.

I just have way too many counters! I mean really why do we always have to wait?

Anyhoo, Jamie those ummm gifts that you want are really nice. So just maybe the cousin Claus will have to get you a little something, but I don't know I'd really have to ask my parents.

There's a whole world out there and I have no news to tell you. Bummer.........

Oh! I would just like to say something to all you Twilight fans out there: I am starting a Twilight discussion Blog. Each day ( or whenever I can get on ) there will be a new discussion topic and then you ( the commentors ) can comment your answer to the question, poll, etc, and I will give feed back ( and a new topic ). Some of the topics will be on the books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, and some will be on the movie. Movie discussions will be like characters, stuff they cut out, the trailers etc. I really do hope that you enjoy it, and I will always stay true to this blog. I am just gonna have some fun!

See Ya Later,
P.S. Twilight Discussion Blog is not finished yet.


Hyme said...

hey hey!! I cant wait to check out yur blog :) l8r- got homework (btw whoever invented that idea needs to go die (and i say this nicely) homework should mean stuff like mow the lawn or clean or something... not school work done at home... makes sense right????

and... i hate the word verification thigies too... they put me in a bad mood... it always takes me three tries, like always...

Jamie :)

Hyme said...

oh... and about the leg warmers... i think im gonna ask santa for them cuz there really expensive (at least for leg warmers... there more than the pants)

love ya