Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For all you Evernight fans like myself

Guess What?
Claudia Gray is writing a new Evernight book. It's called Stargazer. I am SO ticited (excited)! It comes out on March 24, 2009. THIS IS HUGE!!!!!
This is SO weird! Not Stargazer coming out, the date when it comes out. All these books are coming out in March!!! Maximum Ride (water wings/MAX) comes out in March, and so does Stargazer. I guess that's not that bad.... but The new Clique book comes out in a couple days February 10 ..... I think......
Oh Yaaaaaa(yeahs)!!!!
I MIGHT be going to see Push on Friday!!!
I have changed my thoughts on Dakota Fanning I think she would make a Fairly Acceptable Jane (aka A Great Jane). Well except the HAIR. Don't get me wrong its not that I don't like her hair, cause in Push it is WICKED, but in New Moon it should be Brown Red Blackish. Don't Cha think?

Question of the day: What was a really good book you read when you were a kid? Mine was when I was in first grade (this is how high of a reading level I am on) and I read Amber Brown is Not a Crayon or something like that, but when I was in First grade I was reading third grade level books! CRAZYYYYY!!!

Bye bye bye,


Hi-me said...

hey jena- i am VERY close to finishing evernight- ill finish it tonight actually. Ill probably read the sequal (sp-w/e) but i was kinda ticked that whats-her-face didn't tell you she already knew she was a vamp but w/e!!!

i want to see push too

i didnt read when i was little so...

and also- i love your little book shelf over there and i hope you dont mind that i am stealing.