Monday, February 23, 2009

Maximum Ride. It means EVERYTHING to me.

Soorry I haven't been on in a WHILE because I had rehearsal from 10:30 am t0 4:30 pm on Saturday, dance rehearsal from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm on Sunday, dress rehearsal from 6:15 pm to 9:00 pm on Monday, and dress rehearsal from 4:30 to 9:30 yesterday (Tuesday). I have dress rehearsal tonight also (4:45 pm to 9:45pm). The shows start tomorrow!!!! TOMORROW!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!
SOORRY I was having a nervous breakdown/meltdown/hyper alert.
Any way, do you like my new pic its of Fang (my HERO)!!!! I WANT THAT BOOK SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So on the topic of Maximum Ride, I am going to put in my input on the books. First the order that I like them:

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Maximum Ride: Saving the World and other Extreme Sports

Maximum Ride: Schools out Forever

Maximum Ride: The Final Warning

Now I want to explain what I think all these books have in common and what I like and dislike about them. They all are very, Very, VERY funny (that is what they have in common)

Likes: MR1 - Lots of adventure, on the run, NYC (love ittt), Ella Martinez part!!,HILARIOUS!!!

MR2 - Disney world, Ari with the little kid calling him a wolverine, max and that super speed thingy, the new max asking to fix nudges hair, and asking to make breakfast!!!!, HILARIOUS!!!

MR3 - OMG, Max and Fang Kissing!!!!, Ari saving their BUTTS, Europe, Max saying I LOOOOOOVE you Fang (hilarious), whole fight with Omega dude, the part where they reunite!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!

MR4 - OMG, Max and Fang Kissing!!!!, Total getting wings, the uber director giving them bird seed!!!!!!!!!!!

Dislikes: MR1 - Nudge tyring to find her parents, Celeste, can't really think of anything else.....

MR2 - Fang kissing red head wonder(lol), Max kissing mike(is that his name?), them going to a real school, Annie, Jeb, max cutting herself at the beach

MR3 - SPLITTING UP :( :( , Jeb doing the voice thingy, California beach scene with Iggy (disgusting),

MR4 - THE WHOLE BOOK!!!!! and Brigid....

I NEED Maximum Ride 5,


P.S. Question of the Day: What do you like/dislike about the books?


Hi-me said...

hey... sounds like you've been busy!!! well i took the day off sick so... well anyway i love max too and also ant wait

first i think that guys name in the 2nd one is sam but w/e

the books in order (3/2 are kinda tied then 1 then 4)

1- of course its all funny i loved the beginning ummm iggy and gazzy blowing up their house (or w/e they blew up) saving ella...

2- all of it!!! the hospitol/real school, max breaking down on the beach (i loved that part- it showed her insecurity)

3- again all of it... the cave, the hilarious part when the british scientist was trying to get information on them esp. when fang says "i play mean harmonica"

4- the dock, max's poem, all the new powers, max getting jealous, the hurricane

1- i cant think of anything
2- i cant think of anything
3- there were some slow parts
4- most of it (there was no awesome fights)

and here are my favorite characters in order

Hi-me said...

hey... just fyi slumdog millionaire is apparently an insanely awesome movie since it won like 8 oscars...

Carolyn said...

omg i absolutely love the maximum ride series i have read each one at least twice, and i am soooo excited about #6 coming out: Fang!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!!!!!! ok, well here are my likes and dislikes about the series.

1. Super funny... umm all of the adventuresness they go through (is that even a word?) and uhhh yea...
2. ABSOULUTELY EVERYTHING!!!!especially Max 2 asking to do things that the real Max would never do!
3. How that guy ter borcht was asking the flock a bunch of questions and how the flock was answering all of them with a defiant attitude...the fact that Ari actually helps the flock escape the school, and uhhh the things between Max and Omega... the tests, where she flies and is "disqualified" haha!
4. Max being jealous of Brigid Dwyer being all over Fang... nothing else really, oh wait Total getting wings of his own so he'll quit whining...
5. (it seems that none of you have read this but...) Max and Fang being in total and complete LOOOOVE!!!!!! Max and Fang grow gills just as Angel did, and can now breath underwater... Nudge, Gazzy, and Iggy trying to breath underwater and ending up barfing up the ocean (haha!) and the "Krelp" making a gigantic snot bubble so that they could get Dr. Martinez to the submarine...ummm and the flock rescuing Dr. Martinez.

1. Can't think of anything really...
2. Fang making out with that red headed girl, Max making out with that guy uh Mike I think, them actually going to school, and Anne...
3. The flock splitting up!!!!!!! and uhhh the fact that Ari dies due to his "expiration date" (it may have been nice but it was still sad for me)
4. Stupid Bridgid Dwyer... and pretty much the whole concept, it wasn't as fast a read as the other 3 before it.
5. Not really anything...

Yeah... and that's it oh wait, my character faves list goes: Max/Fang, Angel/Gazzy, Nudge/Iggy, and then Total... although I do love all of them....
Oh yeah, I totally wish I had wings and could be as awesome as the flock... it's been my dream to have wings ever since i was like 4 or 5 at least.... IT WOULD BE SOOO TOTALLY WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carolyn said...

oh... I guess those of u who commentd and what not like added stuff b4 mr5 was even out.... ohhh so thats why nobody had anything posted about #5.... ya okay!

Carolyn said...

Does anyone even get onto this blog anymore?! just wonderin...