Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life ..... STINKS!!!

I mean REALLY!!!! People have lots of dreams in life and they don't come true because 1 they are not RICH or 2 their families did not bestow them the great power of accomplishment and over achievement. So mainly those people who say Your dreams will come true if you really work hard, they really mean You better fall into a pit of money if you want to make your dreams come true. That is not the case in some instances. In some instances you could achieve your dreams if you work hard if your dream is getting an A on a math test or making a goal in your soccer game or cutting your first board in karate, even if your goal is to go to college.
The reason why I am saying this is because I have dreams, and sometimes I wonder Will they ever come true?? Also is it possible for me to follow my dreams without being insanely rich?? I'm not poor but seriously..... Then people say there's always American Idol, or Americas Got Talent, Last Comic standing, The Apprentice, or So You Think You Can Dance. Seriously people what are the chances of actually making it????
Then people say don't worry things will come around, but what if things don't come around??? Instead of running towards our dreams like a little kid and a ice cream truck we should stop right in front of them and build ourselves up to them.
Who ever is reading this let this be a turning point for your dreams, instead of only doing the things that are going to help your dreams embrace everything, all of it, even the boring stuff like math or science. Don't look at it and say will I ever need this in my life? Look at it and say This is something different I think I will accept it.
We have Freedom (well some of us do) so lets use it! Let us use our freedom to accept life to it's fullest. Instead of saying Aww Man, math class YUCK! Say math class okay, I'll work with it.
I know I am a whiner, but I am going to try and embrace life to it's fullest! I think we all should try! At least try and if it doesn't work out then oh well, work on a new method of life, but I am going to accept this challenge.

Ready to take on the world,
P.S. Happy Valentines Day!! I know I am early but SO WHAT!!!!