Thursday, February 19, 2009


So today is the 1 week marker until my Annie production takes flight!!! HA HA little Maximum ride humor! I want that book SO bad....
Any who, life is cul thanks 4 asking. How's everybody Else's life???
Jo bro movie comes out soon!!! Yikes! That could either go uphill or downhill. What do you think? I think it is going to go downhill. SOORRY Jonas Brothers! I am a HUGE fan and all, but seriously it's a movie about singers' life it doesn't even have a REAL story line! NO ACTION NO NOTHING!!! Just like documentary!!
UGH!!! School is not going well!!! All A's!! Math is just UGHH!!!! We are learning area formulas!!! I already learned this stuff like 2 months ago!!!! So boring and So easy!!! What are you learning in math and do YOU like it???
Question of the Day: All the questions I asked in this post; How's your life going, Will the Jonas Brothers Movie go up or downhill, and What are you learning in math and do you like it. Please comment with your answers!

Having a BLAST preparing 4 Annie,
JV, and
Take your pick.


Hi-me said...

so... lifes ok- kinda bored... math (geometry)is ok im scared its gonna get way harder and im gonna fall behind... i dont really keep up w/ the jonas brothers but... btw good luck with your play :) :) know you'll do awesome