Monday, February 9, 2009


I am SOORRY!!! I haven't been on in a while cause I have been MAJORLY busy!!!!
I have been trying my hardest to find stuff on Maximum Ride # 5. No luck!
They have stuff on every other book in the world, but NO they can't have something on MAX!!!!!
Did any of you watch the Grammy's?????? OMG!!!! Don't get me started on that!! Too bad I already did now you have to listen to me whine some more!! OH WELL!! So any who, Miley Cyrus (UGH!!), and Taylor Swift (YAY) sang together!!!! YAAAA YOU HEARD ME RIGHT!!! THEY SANG TOGETHER!!!! They sang one of Taylor's songs (they sang Fifteen). AND GAWD DID THEY SOUND BAAAAAAAADDDDDD!!!!!! I mean first Taylor was so shy and nervous that she went way to fast and was mumbling, and second Miley was really screechy and way TOO slow!!!! At the end of the song Miley goes "I really enjoyed singing with my Best Friend Taylor!". OMG!! They should've started the I HATE THE JONAS BROTHERS CLUB right there!!! Add Selena Gomez and you've got a PART - AYYYYYY!!!!! LOL
I think Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus are very.....talented artists they just had a REALLY BAD NIGHT!!! (I kinda paused after very cause I didn't know what to say bout Miley cause (no offense people who like her) I just don't really like her.
Annnnnnd Now....
The Question of the Day: What is your idea of RANDOM!!!!!??? My Idea of RANDOM is being TOTALLY WEIRD and nor caring if people are looking at you or something like that. I LOVE BEING RANDOM!!! LAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Stay Random,
P.S. Soorry means so sorry! That is just one of the many SWEET words that I make up while I am sitting Math class waiting for it to end!!!!! Also the background is for Valentines Day!!!