Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School....... BUMMER : (

As of right now I ABSOLUTELY hate the First day of school. Even though it was a half day it was absolutely BORING! I need something to cheer me up......

So Which do YOU think is worse ...

The First day of school
One of those school days when you don't have an assembly and are learning something totally boring in your LEAST favorite class?
So was anybody else's First day of school today?
I HOPE not!
It's not that we learned anything today, we just got our books, and the teachers told us what they expected in their classes. But seriously it was a SNOOZER! And I really wasn't looking forward to coming to school last night so that was just the cherry on the sundae! I mean, don't get me wrong I LOVE school and I am a GREAT student, but
I JUST CAN'T believe that school has started already,
I really wanted more time off, you know, maybe even go back to the beach :(
I did find something that will cheer me up,
I don't think I can tell you what,
I can give you a hint......
so here's the hint
It has to do with musical THEATER..
Later Gator,