Thursday, August 21, 2008

Topic Number 2 : Midnighters The Secret Hour.

It was a good book. Not great but good. I just think it needed a little more action or a little more of something. But I do think the series will be worth the read. I Just need to read the rest of it.....
Some of the powers are AWESOME but some are........


Jess, Dess, and Jonathan's powers are AWESOME, I would hate to have Melissa's power ( too painful ), and Rex's power is just..... well.... STUPID ( cool name though).

Here's an awesome picture ( sorry Jamie I stole your picture):

This picture is AWESOME isn't it?



P.S. Do you like the new Layout? It reminds me of water melon.It kinda is like Jamie's. Sorry Jamie if you think I stole your layout ( and your picture) but I liked these colors a lot.


Hyme said...

lol... i don't mind. I agree with you about the books, by the time you get to the third one you kind of want it to end... it just drags. I haven't finished it yet if that tells you anything. btw i wanted to get GONE but my mom told me i had to finish my homework (and school hasn't even started) and so i'm mad because i have been banned from the book store!!