Friday, August 22, 2008

Maximum Ride # 5 and other stuff.

Oh My GOSH!!! James Patterson is making a 5th Maximum Ride Book! It is called Water Wings. The Flock Goes to HAWAII!!!!!!! So cool !
I got some AMAZING Twilight series fan art pictures.

This is a picture of Alice and Jasper. It looks like my exact interpretation of Alice and Jasper.

And these are pictures of Bella and Edward when Bella is still Human ( I think ).

My favorite pictures are the one with Jasper and Alice and the white background ( The one by Darcy. It is written in the picture in the right hand corner. ) picture of Bella and Edward Cullen ( I Just LOVE saying that ). My question is How DO people draw these pictures so GOOD! I mean my drawings are okay ( yeah right they stink! ) but these are AMAZING!!!!!


Tomorrow is my first full day of School...

Homework. UGH.

Math Homework. DOUBLE UGH.

Uniforms. TRIPLE UGH.

Yeah, so my math teacher explained to us on Friday ( by the way she explained it to us OH SO JOYFULLY ) that we will be getting Homework EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK!!!

Ah, The JOYS of Schooldom.

Groaning and Moaning

about school,



Jordan said...

o Jena you will be fine i promise... i survived her and you will too!!! love you!