Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A lot to talk about : )

I am sooooooo sorry I have not written in such a long time but I am a busy person.
So we are going to start from BD ( Breaking Dawn.) and work a our way down the list.
I got Breaking Dawn on Saturday August 2nd ( my birthday ) and finished it on Sunday August 3rd. It was the best one !! I am so glad that it was not a huge disappointment. I am tickled to say that after reading the book I do like Jacob a lot more than I gave him credit for, but I am still on team Edward and Bella. I am also surprised to say that I like Rosalie a lot more now that I have read this book, though I still like Alice better though I am a little disappointed at her ( Alice.). So to wrap the book into one: It was breath taking not heart breaking and the best book ever!

Next Topic The Twilight Movie
So nothing has been said about the movie nothing, Nada, zip, zero you get the picture. Which means one to two things one they are working hard and don't have time or they are hardly working and don't want to show it. So if you have seen the scene from Twilight in the Penelope movie then you will know why I am sort of cranky about it. For those of you who didn't well then I will sum it up for you: IT SUCKED or in nicer terms it was a huge disappointment but who didn't see that coming. So for all the people working on the Twilight movie I would just like to say one thing: GET MOVING PEOPLE YOU HAVE A DEAD LINE TO FINISH!!!!!

Lets move to a happier note
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
99 Days!! yea!! Can't wait! Oops 99 days from the day that I am writing this if you are a couple days late then check the counter.News about HBP: They have teaser trailers!!! Click Here. The trailer looks confusing to people who have read the books ( some parts not all. ) but to people who do not read the books it looks really cool. I just have one question How do you guys only watch the movies? I mean really how do you understand what is going on? how do you grasp all the information that is being given to you in one short movie of books that range from 200 to 900 pages? How do you do it especially when they do not give you all the information that you need to know? Isn't it confusing to only watch half of a story? Sorry about that little rant there but I just find it sooooo difficult to understand how you guys do that not everybody does that but some people do that because they do not feel like reading a book every once and a while and just so you know a book helps the growth, quickness, and development of the mind and what does T.V. do?Turns your brain to mush and feeds silly images into your brain about how the world is supposed to work not that I dis like T.V. or anything because I do not know what I would do without the T.V. ( again makes the world go round.) it is just that I strongly think books are better if you read them not watch the movie. I mean you can watch the movie but I recomend you read the book first. W-O-W we really got off topic there I mean We were talking about HBP and now we are talking about views on T.V. and reading. Sorry I sometimes get off topic. Sorry (again) if I offended any one I am sooooooooooooooooo sorry if I did I am a very opinionated person. Lets change the topic.

Maximum Ride
Just so you know I am a MR fan.They have a blog too! It is sooo Cool! If you don't know any thing about them there is only one thing you should know. Wings. They have Wings ( and a blog check it out!).They are coming out with a fifth book ( sorry there are 4 others should of said something). Don't know what it is called so don't ask I will tell when I find out. They are also coming out with a movie in 2010. I won't start to go crazy until it gets closer to the release date. Unless I have nothing else to do. Hehehehe.

New Topic
Vacation : )
Ah! The beach! I love the Beach! We just went on a family vacation, we as in the three J's. ( Check out our blog!). I had soooo much fun!!! We had such a fun time and learned a lot of important things. Thing one Whinne the Pooh should not be watched by little children for all we know it is a soap opera. Thing two It is possible to say/ sing the ABC's backwards. Thing three none of us know the song Ba Ba Black sheep. Thing four Singing and swinging on swings do not make great company even if you are a pretty good singer. And Thing Five Late Night walks on the beach are for Boyfriends and Girlfriends. LOL. Fun times!!!

Last Topic I think
This site
I wanted to do some thing a little different on this site so I changed the colors. I hope you like it. I originally was going to change the colors to red and gold the same colors as my house. I am a true Gryffindor take the quiz. But then I decided not to and to change it to my favorite colors Light turquoise blue, bright orange and lemon yellow but I decided to stick with blues because blue is a pretty and calm color. okay that was weird Where did that come from? : ) Any who I hope you like it and I hope you were not bored to tears. I'll have some more interesting topics later.

Tired From Typing,
P.S. I am thinking about adding music to this site any suggestions on what songs or music I am open to anything it just has to pass my inspection first.