Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This has to be the craziest thing in the world!

So you noticed that there is no music right? If you didn't you are either new to the blog (welcome), or you are deaf (I am oh so truly sorry). Back to the story.
Any who, so I am sitting here listening to Love Story and it sounds like a guy singing when I know FOR SURE that Taylor Swift IS A GIRL! So I go on the site and check what is going on and yeah every single song I type in sounds like some guy (with a deep voice) imitating every single song I listen to. So I check my computer to see if something is wrong. Nothings wrong. So I was thinking maybe it is my earphones, maybe they weren't working. NO, MY EARPHONES ARE FINE! I plugged them into my I Pod to see if they were working or not on there and guess what they are working! So now I am in a big pickle (mess) and have no music (HOW SAD!).
I wonder what is wrong!
Maybe it's me...

Depressed about this BIG fiasco (and maybe going CRAZY),