Friday, December 5, 2008


I have a question, this might sound silly but here it goes. So every body feels like or acts like a kind of color, and every body has a favorite color. So what kind of color are you?

Red - You are boiling with anger. You have a nice side but it is buried in anger.
Orange - You are exciting and vibrant. You like to try new things.
Yellow - (My FAV) You are happy and on top of things. You are bright just like the color and like to make things perfect.
Green - You are different, in a good way. You like to do your on thing.
Blue - You are a very calm person. You like everything to be calm and in order.
Purple - You need answers. You need answers and you demand them.
Pink - You are a very loving person (like Carlisle and Esme). You love anything and Everything.
So what color are you? Do you match your favorite color?I do!
My colors are Yellow, Green, Purple, and Orange.
My favorite color is Yellow!
How about you?
P.S. I took this quiz and it said that I was the most like Alice Cullen! Maybe it's the yellow thing...


Hyme said...

Hey Jena. Did i ever tell you that i did a project on color in the 8th grade...? I actually researched exactly what each color meant and stuff... I think everyone one has a little of each color in them, just that some are more dominant than others. Ever since i did that project i dont have a favorite color.