Friday, July 17, 2009

OH MY......

Well harry Potter was a shocker... A big one.... Really funny... But a big shocker........
Saw it at midnight!!! YAY! They cut out a lot of stuff... a lot....

Cut Outs Include:

  1. Dumbledore coming to the Duresley's
  2. Going to Professor Slughorn's (they didn't cut it out they just cut out some stuff)
  3. Bob Ogden's Memory(very important, cbttio=Can't Believe They Took It Out!)
  4. Hokey the House Elf's Memory(very important cbttio)
  5. The quidditch game where Harry gets hit in the head with a bludger and does one of the princes hexes on Cormac McLaggin(why, i liked that part!)
  6. Luna finds Harry on the Train (Luna? Why Luna?)
  7. Remus and Tonks Fighting about Marriage (how stupid... i mean hello? its key!)
  8. Talking about Bil and Fleur's Wedding(uhh this is important since they get married in the next one!)
  9. The whole Battle scene(CBTTIO!!!!!!!! This is one of the best parts and they took it out!!! it was a really important part, if not important substantial; they needed it in the movie)
  10. Harry and Ginny breaking up!(they barely even go out it seems like the director just wanted to skip over this...)
  11. And many more(not on channel 4)

They only thing that compliments all that is how funny it was... It was funnier than all the others...

Jena - A Little Disappointed :(