Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good News.....and Bad

I am starting a new blog.....
coming soon...
I don't know what to make it about. Any suggestions?

Oh yeah!
I didn't bomb the science test!!!! I got one of the highest scores! A!!!
Thank the lord!!!

This week has been SO busy!
I have 3 Rehearsals, 1 b ball game (gotta stay active), 2 b ball practices, 1 Ms. Hannigan rehearsal, and to top all that off I have School! In school I had to write an essay 5 times, draw a map of ancient Greece and present day Greece, CTR and ATM 4 days in a row, 2 worksheets, 1 vocabulary, 1 Science test, 1 Science key terms, 1 spelling test, and had to read the Miracle worker! All in 4 days!!
But thanks to the end of the semester, I have a 4 day Weekend!!!!! YES!!

Able to FINALLY relax,


Nikki said...

Do a harry potter blog, or even Twilight!!!!! i would read them both, so you'd have at least one follower!!!!!!!!

Jaci - Twilight Chick said...

Good job on the science. I would say a photo blog, a writing blog, a twilight blog, a erm.. Blog?

Anyways, I will follow it!

Hyme said...

hey hey... i havent talked to you in a while... so whats up?... i think it would be cool if you started another blog but as for what its about...i have no clue... btw love the new layout... if i havent told you that already...

p.s. go steelers!!!!!